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Finding the Unexpected by Babush Tesfay
Finding the Unexpected by Babush Tesfay 

After the tragic death of his sister and parents, Babush's happy childhood was shattered. He describes his struggle to survive as a boy and young man in Ethiopia, and how he travelled to neighbouring Eritrea where his life was transformed when he met the English girl who was later to become his wife. But his happiness was short-lived. After the outbreak of war between Ethiopia and Eritrea the couple were separated and Babush, in danger of his life, fled to Sudan. Finally the couple were reunited in Kenya and then started a new life together in London. 

Achieving Against the Odds by Helene Ramazani
Achieving Against the Odds by Helene Ramazani 

Helene Ramazani escaped from Congo when her life was in danger, leaving behind her three children. When she arrived in England as a refugee she was completely alone in a strange country unable to speak the language. She describes how she built a life for herself, learnt English and found work, caring for elderly people. She had two more children who brought her great joy, and her happiness was complete when she succeeded in bringing her three children from Congo to join her.

Never Give Up by Kristy Krasniqi
Never Give Up by Kristy Krasniqi

When Kristy refused to marry the man chosen by her parents, she was 'sold' by her father to two men and trafficked from Albania to Italy, France and Belgium and eventually to England. She was beaten, abused and tormented and received death threats against herself and her sister.

In England a good friend helped her to escape from the violent men she was working for. Thanks to an excellent lawyer, she won her case to remain in Britain, and is now planning for a brighter future for herself and her daughter, Mia.

From Sound to Silence by Rashida Abedi 
New edition
From Sound to Silence by Rashida Abedi 

Rahida is a profoundly deaf woman who grew up in Quetta in Pakistan and now lives in London. As a young woman engaged to be married she became deaf as a result of meningitis, and came to Britain in 1981 in search of a cure, unfortunately without success. She was then threatened with deportation and after a prolonged campaign by friends and supporters she was eventually given leave to remain in Britain.  Her extraordinary life story was written first in Urdu, her mother                              tongue, and then in English, which she learnt in England without being able to hear it spoken. 

This new edition includes a postscript by Rashida bringing her book up to date.

Standing on My Own Two Feet by Faizia Zaman
New edition
Standing on My Own Two Feet by Faizia Zaman

Faizia grew up in Bangladesh, with a childhood she remembered as idyllic. She came to Britain as a young bride and was happily married - until her husband suddenly died, leaving her with five young children. In her life story she describes the devastation she faced, and how she acquired a network of friends and increased confidence through attending English classes; with this support she was able to overcome problems of money, housing and her children's education. Faizia died suddenly in 1997. 

This new edition includes a preface by her five children who pay tribute to their mother. 

So Many Things I Could Have Written by Asha Mohamed
New Edition
So Many Things I Could Have Written by Asha Mohamed

Asha grew up in Somalia, learning survival skills in a difficult environment. Though she had no formal education she supported herself and her family through running a trading business. She was an active member of the Somali National Movement which opposed the military regime of Syad Barre. She was imprisoned twice but managed to escape and fled with her two young children to England, arriving as a refugee, speaking no English. Carried by her determination, her ability to tackle practical problems and a lively sense of humour, she made a new life for herself and her children. 

This new edition includes a postscript by Asha bringing her book up to date. 

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